Telefoon (Promo) - 2017 Album

Telefoon (Promo)
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Artists: Babbu Maan
Duration: 0:31 min | Size: 496.94 KB | bitrate: 128 kbps

Album info : Telefoon (Promo) album ,released in - 2017 and is ready for online streaming . Telefoon (Promo) has 1 tracks in the album . Total listening time of Telefoon (Promo) of the full album is 31. Music has been composed and written by Babbu Maan and sung by Babbu Maan . The best/top song in the entire album Telefoon (Promo) is Telefoon . Download all 1 songs from the album Telefoon (Promo) with the total download size of 496.94 KB in high quality mp3 from the best music website on the web for free. .Punjabi album Telefoon (Promo) - 2017 fast , safe and free downloads